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Sustainable practice is not only applied to our farming techniques, but to our community projects as well. Scimitar built a cricket field, the ‘Scimitar Oval’, to provide a platform for holistic growth through play and team building, ensuring a stronger future together. Through sport, Scimitar aims to strengthen integrity, responsibility, leadership and teamwork.
The farm has formed a formidable team from the children on the property, a professional coach training them to compete against other clubs and schools in the area. Diligent and dedicated, the team holds a high record of victories for matches played, confidently taking to the field in their uniform. Three of the boys have been selected to play for the National side – an extremely proud moment for the Scimitar team.

Cricket has become an anticipated social event attended by passionate members, as competitors on the field, as coaches, and of course, as proud spectators. The vision started by nourishing the ideals of teamwork, with the long term aim of distributing skills and future opportunities for our talented and committed players.