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Farm Hockey Team
Scimitar Farm has continued to build upon its community outreach programmes to give opportunity and hope to the kids who call the farm home. Staying true to their motto of “creating a colourful world”, Scimitar aims to brighten the world not only through their assortment of produce but through a variety of homegrown initiatives for the local community.
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Farm Cricket Team
Sustainable practice is not only applied to our farming techniques, but to our community projects as well. Scimitar built a cricket field, the ‘Scimitar Oval’, to provide a platform for holistic growth through play and team building, ensuring a stronger future together. Through sport, Scimitar aims to strengthen integrity, responsibility, leadership and teamwork.
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Farm Homework Project
The seeds of success begin with nourishing our future generation. Scimitar believes in providing a healthy environment for the residents of the farm and local community through nutritious food, empowerment, team work and education. The ‘Homework Project’ was an initiative launched to provide a venue for the farm children to receive conservation education.
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"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." - Helen Keller