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Monde’s Journey from Farm Hockey to Africa Games


The clanking of sticks can be heard from the greenhouses followed by the quick shuffle of feet as the ball is passed across the field. The final whistle blows and the dust settles as the first-ever farm girls hockey match comes to an end amid cheers and laughter.

Scimitar Farm has continued to build upon its community outreach programmes to give opportunity and hope to the kids who call the farm home. Staying true to their motto of “creating a colourful world”, Scimitar aims to brighten the world not only through their assortment of produce but through a variety of homegrown initiatives for the local community. A homework project and creche formed the initial support basis before sports were introduced. 

Taking part in sporting activities goes a long way in childhood development, teaching them the importance of teamwork, camaraderie, problem-solving and leadership as well as promoting physical and mental health. After the successful launch of the boys farm cricket team, it was decided that a girls team sport would be the next project. With the commitment of a brilliant hockey coach and a group of eager girls the Scimitar Girls Hockey Team was formed. 

It wasn’t long after commencing practise with key lessons in fitness, ball skills and teamwork that Monde’s talent was spotted. The 13-year-old was soon selected for the Zambian national side and travelled to Ghana for the Africa Games earlier this year, crossing the Zambian border for the very first time. Monde, the youngest player at the tournament, took to the international stage with confidence facing professional seasoned players in high-pressure situations. The team managed to win two games and draw one with Monde, playing a forward position, setting up a crucial scoring opportunity. What an incredible achievement for the young girl hailing all the way from a remote farm in Chongwe. And what exciting stories she had to share with her family and friends back home. 

It goes without saying that Monde is a true inspiration. Upon her return to the farm, the crowds welcomed her with celebratory singing and dancing, showering her with congratulatory flowers and hugs. An awe-inspired little girl hands her some flowers, filled with hope and encouragement at what prospects lie ahead for herself. Monde has an incredibly bright future ahead of her. She is intelligent and hardworking and hopes to play in the upcoming Youth Games in Egypt and the Under 21 Africa Cup later this year. Monde is proof that dreams can become reality and we wish her all the very best!