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Planting with Purpose, Harvesting Happiness

Nurturing nature’s gifts


Livestock is an integral part of the farm - both within our breeding program and feedlots.


From planting flowers to planting vegetables, our passion and love for growing, has grown.


The range of blueberry variants we grow on our 19 ha plot contest to our investment in diversity and flavour.

We supply homegrown produce, from our hands to yours.

Originally exclusively a flower farm, family owned and built from scratch, Scimitar has grown organically into a holistic and biodiverse homegrown business. The farm’s vision is to create a colourful world through cultivating sustainable, local and nutritious produce. Scimitar upholds the ideals of community growth through community support, planting seeds for our future. Our farm is abundant in abundance; growing a variety of produce and breeding livestock in an integrative and organic fashion, providing fresh food locally and beyond.

Grown on the foundations of a culture of care for the community, the farm not only supports through empowerment and employment but by education and sport as well.

Why Choose Us?
With the foundations of sustainable and holistic farming, Scimitar offers quality produce coupled with the growth and empowerment of the local community.
Planting seeds for our future is an interwoven approach of fresh produce from farm to table, as well as ensuring long term solutions for employment, education and supporting local. Our vegetables, fruit, flowers and meat first and foremost stock local outlets such as lodges, farm shops and farmers markets, additionally supplying the overseas market with our proudly Zambian products. Curating a catalogue of colourful, nutritious and holistic produce is at the core of Scimitar; adapting and growing with time, we welcome you to come and grow with us.
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